1. Teaching Ideas

Community Storytelling with Props

A group of children were gathering the cushions, moving them around the space and propping them up together to create a story.

They all had different ideas on how the cushions should be used, how they need to be organised and who would be in charge of that job.

As they played and told their stories, they had to find ways to work together, share ideas and solve problems.

They laughed, read stories and enjoyed collaborating.

These cushions have been the source of play throughout the week.

Each group took turns to prop them up at different angles, arrange them in cozy corners, as they worked together to create and organize their stories.

Yet another group have been using blocks and small world toys (animals) to tell their stories.

These structures represent different habitats for animals. Each block is placed strategically, each stone serves a purpose and animals are sorted into different spaces, based on the ideas of the group.

Through their play, the children are using their creativity to design and express their ideas and stories through the ARTS.

Children learn how to: 

  • Listen actively and respectfully to others’ ideas and listen to information.
  • Express oneself using words and sentences.
  • Negotiate ideas with peers.
  • Take on pretend roles and situations.
  • Be respectful to others.
  • Play cooperatively in a group: sharing, taking turns, helping.
  • Be aware of own and others’ impact as a member of a learning group.
  • Follow the directions of others.
  • Share responsibility for decision-making.
  • Demonstrate persistence in tasks.
  • Use strategies to problem-solve.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

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