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Common Outdoor Repairs You Need After a Strong Thunderstorm

Strong thunderstorms can lead to physical harm and damage to your home. Some measures such as lightning rods and surge protectors can protect your home against severe damage.

However, strong thunderstorms may leave the outdoors of your home damaged, requiring you to do some repairs. After a strong thunderstorm, you need to look for some dollars to fix broken windows, damaged roofs, or the siding. 

Siding repairs

Thunderstorms can cause significant damage to your home’s exterior and siding. This may lead to breaks in siding, cracks running parallel to the siding, dents, and dings and holes punched into the siding. Siding repair is about replacing a small portion of the siding, depending on the extent of the damage.

If your siding has dings and dents, chips, or cracks, have it repaired quickly to prevent insects, pests, and other climatic conditions from damaging your home further. Have your siding inspected by an expert who can give you proper advice about it. HX Home Solutions is a Chicago siding company with years of experience to handle all aspects of your project. You can get a free quote from the experts there and take a look at the recent projects to be fully convinced about the work quality.

Roof repair

Flying debris, strong winds, hail, and broken tree branches can lead to roof damage that needs to be addressed. Your house may have been damaged by thunderstorms if you notice split seams, leaks, holes, granules in the gutters, dented or missing shingles, and broken or cracked tiles.

It is advisable to find a roofing contractor to repair your roof immediately. Look for Chicago siding companies that offer the best roofing solutions in your area. If you fail to immediately take action, the damages may lead to costly interior problems such as ceiling stains and mild and attic flooding. In severe cases, the roof may cave in and you risk replacing the entire roof. 

Windows and doors repairs

Windows and doors are also affected by the high winds and debris from strong thunderstorms. Common damages experienced after the storm include shattered windows and broken glasses, debris embedded in a window or door, and cracked doors and frames. 

Get in touch with a trusted contractor to assess and repair the damaged doors and windows. Depending on the extent of damage, your contractor will advise whether the doors or windows require repair or total replacement. Most contractors are experienced in storm-related damages, so it is advisable to get a fair assessment of the damage. 

Gutter repairs

A strong thunderstorm may lead to gutter storm damage that may require gutter installation. One of the common gutter damage is sagging, which occurs due to clogging. The full-trough weight may make the middle part sag and pull away from the house. This may require reinstallation of fasteners to keep the gutter intact.

Massive thunderstorms may bring debris, wind, pods, seeds, and twigs right into the gutters and clog them up, causing them to leak. Clean up the gutters regularly to protect them against leaking and overflowing. After the storm, hire a professional to oversee remodeling, exterior painting, and overall repair of the gutters. 

Deck or porch repair

The porch or deck of your home can be damaged by the rains accompanied by thunderstorms. A front porch repair may require replacing damaged or missing boards and planks. Damaged or loose stairs may also need to be professionally fixed. 

Use a handy platform to find a deck and porch repair expert who can assess the damage and advise you accordingly. Most contractors give free quotes for the projects and the costs vary depending on the extent of damage and the type of porch. If the damage is extensive, you can remove the old flooring of the deck or porch and install new flooring.