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Choosing Books to Chase Away the Blues

Not everyone will agree on what constitutes a good book but certainly, all will agree that it’s a book that is 100% immersive. It is a book that is so captivating that you have difficulty starting a new one. 

You do not have to be familiar with the author either because some new authors have great abilities. So how do you choose a good book to read then? 

Read to please

Books vary widely but don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by indecisions. Sometimes we think we like or dislike things but our brains don’t deceive us. You cannot force your brain to appreciate content that you have never been interested in. 

If there is a book everyone is reading just for the sake of being ‘in’ or to be seen as intelligent and it leaves you stone cold, don’t read it. There is no point in slogging through a book you have no interest in. 

One of the sheer benefits to reading is that it provides you with great entertainment, enjoyment and pleasure. You must look forward to reading where you cannot bear to put the book down because you can’t wait to see what happens on the next page. 

Book reviews guide your choice

It’s a great idea to seek out books that come as recommended – books that engage and entertain. How to choose a good book is made so much simpler when you can read reviews on it and make up your own mind. Knowitallnev.com is unlike any other review site as its focus is on reviewing books based on public demand. 

You can ask questions and get an in-depth reply to satisfy your curiosity. They create content that the public wants and they are looked upon as an on-demand review site. 

The site reviews books, but other products too. Book lovers are thrilled that the site gives honest feedback, providing in-depth reviews of the product and satisfying anyone who wants answers. 

A good author? Look up their other books

If you loved a book so much by one particular author and you could not wait to see what the next chapter held, check out other books they have written. True, some authors, just like some musicians, are one-hit wonders, but if not, chances are you will love the author’s other books too.  

Look at Lesley Pearse’s book ‘Secrets’ as an example – a number one bestseller. If you enjoyed this book, the British author and novelist has written more than 40 books. If you like an author’s style of writing, chances are you will like their other books too.

Choose your e-book reader

The benefits of having a Kindle or e-book reader is that not only does it save you having to store books or pack several when you go away on holiday, but you can also carry as many books as you like in one small electronic device. You can buy hundreds of books and keep them stored in your personal library. 

There are literally millions of book titles available on Amazon Kindle in the United States alone. Unlike paper-version books, you can have e-books from the library delivered immediately to your Kindle when a copy is available. 

Check out the author’s biography

Some say an author’s biography is important because by reading it, you get an inkling of the life they’ve lead. It is as though what the author writes about is what they have generally experienced in their life. Certainly, the author’s biography gives one some insight into what shaped the writer’s life

Life and writing are interconnected. Look at the award-winning author Stephen King as an example. Not only has he led an illustrious life, but it is believed that the author of horror, crime and suspense actually experienced something horrifying when his friend was killed by a train. It seems as though this event may have inspired some of his writings.