We have been sharing stories, discussing scenarios, solving problems at play and reflecting on feelings and emotions, to help us explore ‘how our choices affect our interactions with others’. We have been wondering how ‘our actions’ might make others feel.

We assembled to have a class meeting. Our task was to discuss and share what we knew and thought about the different words that make up the Central Idea. What are choices? What are interactions? What does the word ‘affect’ mean? What does it mean to have empathy?  

We used different strategies to document and share our thinking. We used whiteboard drawings, partner talks and post-it note groupings to share our ideas. We reflected on our own behaviours, feelings and emotions.

We documented all our suggestions and ideas on chart paper to help us connect and explore the different concepts that we have been focusing on throughout this unit.

We continue to discuss the concepts behaviour, agreements, feelings, choices and consequence, while listening to the perspectives of others.

Our learning journey continues…

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