The students have continued to add more detail to their design plans. It was time to think about the next step.

Mr. Jacobson came in to help us think critically about our designs. First, we watched a short video featuring different mega structures.

Mr. Jacobson encouraged us to think about the ‘challenges’ the designers may have had when designing these structures.

The students wondered if the designers may have had challenges when creating the curved roof in the first structure (picture below).

Next, the students were invited to identify 2 challenges and obstacles they foresee in their own design plans. They used stickers to mark the parts of the structure that would require critical thinking and problem-solving.

Then, they worked with partners, sharing their challenges, gathering feedback and suggestions.

Finally, we came together, listening to the students present their own design plans, identified challenges and obstacles.

  • Carlotta “How will I make the pool free standing?”
  • Reggie ” How will I get enough water to come out to make it spin? How will I pump the water to the top?”
  • Sky “How will I make the roof curved?”
  • Hannah “How will I make the stone foundation free standing?”
  • Sam “How can I make the underfloor heating work?” 
  • Changhyeong “How will I get the wifi up the mountain?”
  • Eunseong “How will I make the stone stairway?”
  • Chanwoong “How will I get the lake to go across the two structures? How can I make the pool cover push and pull? 
  • Stella “How will I make 2 loops in the water slide?”
  • Dohyun “How will I make the plants go around the house?”
  • Seungje “How will I make the water come out of the crocodiles’s mouth?”
  • Elena “How will I make the machine for the water fountain drip and flow?”
  • Kavel “How will I make the electricity and the hand work? 

We continue to plan our next steps in creating our structures and solving our design challenges. 

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