Ms. Tina had read a book titled ‘Who Eats Whom‘. Michelle wanted to make her own book about ‘food chains’. She drew a picture of a plant that eats people, while working on her latest book. Her plant had teeth!

We then visited Ms. Hannah’s class. She has a strange plant in her class. Ms. Hannah talked to the children about the plant.

This plant eats insects!! We had some tiny earthworms and the children wanted to feed the plant. They were excited to see how the plant eats the worms.

Why do the plants eat these insects?

We wonder…

Research Skills

Formulating and planning

• Ask or express through play questions that can be researched.

Data gathering and documenting (audio recording, drawing, photographing)

• Gather information from a variety of sources (people, places, materials, literature).

• Use all senses to observe and notice details.

 – Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

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