I highly encourage you to watch this video on leadership, no matter your role.


A lot of people want power but don’t know the best use for it. #fyp #storytime #tiktokstories #love #work #leadership #kindness

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I felt chills listening to that story.

Here’s the deal with leadership. It is about others, not you.  

But there is more to that story than just lifting others. I loved this quote from Neal Foard in the video:

“He was a very ambitious guy.”

I used to think leadership was about being the most charismatic person in the room and people wanting to be around you. 

It was more about you than them. 

But as I grew in my work, I realized that the best leaders find success in lifting others.  

When you lift others in a leadership role, the reality is that you do better because those around you do better.

I have no problem with ambition. But ambition is not just about wanting something but taking steps to make those things happen.

Want to be a fantastic leader? Lift others. Make them better. That will make you better.

At some point, even encourage them to move on and lift others and do the same things.  

Ambition in leadership is not bad as long as that ambition leads to others being better because of you.

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