The students were excited and energised from the Tug-of-War team activity. They laughed and shared their feelings with each other as they came back into the classroom.

We gathered to reflect on our experience. We watched a short video of the team game. How did we feel? Why did we feel that way?

First, each student wrote down their own reflections on paper. Then, while each child shared their ideas, we captured the main points on chart paper. Together we made our ‘thinking visible’.

The students continued to expand on each other’s ideas. One student said, “We do it because we want to be all together!”

Next, we wondered what ‘all together’ meant. We decided it could be a ‘community’. The students began to add their thinking. 

“We are together as a class. As a family, as a country, as a whole world!” They explained that it was important to be together.

Why is this important?
Watch this space to learn more…

Thinking Skills

  • Critical thinking: Analysing and evaluating issues and ideas, and forming decisions.
  • Creative thinking: Generating novel ideas and considering new perspectives
  • Information transfer: Using skills and knowledge in multiple contexts

Communication Skills

  • Exchanging information: Listening, interpreting and speaking
  • Literacy: Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information
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