First, we went outdoors to look for leaves, sticks, flowers and stones to make different colours! 

  • Hannah “Ms. Jennie was talking to us about the Tie Dye.”
  • Reggie “We were talking about how people used to make nice clothes a long time ago.”
  • Seungje “We were talking about this because we will be making Tie Dye.”
  • Kavel “We could ask questions. We asked questions about the Tie Dye.”
  • Jiwan ” We talked about Tye Dye. We saw a Tie Dye video because we want to make it. It was in China”

  • Stella “Everyone did a good job stomping all the stuff, the leaves and branches and some kind of stuff. We did that because we wanted to get the colour.”
  • Miranda “We used water and leaves to make colour.”
  • Chanwoong “We can make a colour because there is a colour inside the leaves and branches and if we use water and the water comes in when we do stomping and the colour comes into the water and then it will be paint.”

  • Sam “I put this one in the pounder and then Ryder hit it.”
  • Elena “I was happy and nervous because I am not that good at tying stuff with rubber bands because I was wondering if I will break one.”
  • Seungje ” We made that for the art activity and learning how to make Tie Dye.” 

  • Elena “When they put the marbles on the cloth and then they tied it up because if they don’t tie it up it will go everywhere like said so you need to tie it up with a rubber band. I liked that everyone chose a different colour. I was nervous because I was not sure where should I tie the rubber-band and how much space I had.”
  • Sky “There is different colours, why we tie it is because we put a marble so I have to tie it or it will just fall into the colour and the cloth wont be the colour we want.”
  • Carlotta “I was really happy because it was really fun to do and tying it up, and when I saw how mine looked, it was so pretty.” 

  • Eunseong “I was tired because it was hard.” Carlotta “All of them looked really pretty, I have no idea which one looks the prettiest.”
  • Jiwan “I think there are 10 Tie Dye in the rack and it was little bit hard to make a Tie Dye.”

We wonder how this technique has changed over time…

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