We are ready to start our learning journey in Second Grade! There are spaces to read, create, design, investigate and problem-solve. 

This week in 2A, we have spent time settling in, learning new routines that help us stay safe and organised as we work and play together. We have been discussing our behaviour and actions that support our learning. We have engaged in activities that help us get to know the class community, and have visited some of our specialist teachers.

During class meetings, we have been talking about appropriate behaviour both indoors and outdoors. We have explored feelings and emotions using a wonderful story by Cherryl Kachenmeister titled ‘On Monday When It Rained’.

We have begun to gather and document our thinking, feelings and wonderings using different routines. Here is one we used to talk about what playtime might ‘look’, ‘feel’ and ‘sound’ like. We will continue to develop our ideas and add to our documentation.

We explored feelings and behaviours that help us learn and play safely. We discussed appropriate behaviour for different times in the day, places we might be in or the events we might be part of. We wondered and talked about how feelings change, and how we can regulate our own behaviours. Here are the ‘Zones of Regulation’ that help us manage these behaviours more independently.

Here are some strategies we can use to get back to the ‘Green Zone’, if we are in a different zone that is not helpful to us or the others around us.

We all agreed and signed the ‘NIS Essential Agreements’.

We are learning that being kind, feeling safe and being helpful, are essential to creating a positive learning environment.

We aim to work together to create a wonderful NIS experience!

Through our discussions and activities the children had many opportunities to reflect on their own actions and move between the different ‘zones’. In P.E. they were excited, and energised while playing games and taking on challenges. After outdoor playtime, they chose spaces of ‘calm’ and huddled with a book. We are learning that there is a time, place and experience where these emotions fit naturally.

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