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5 Great Work From Home Career Fields To Choose From

Some people prefer to work at home for a variety of different reasons. In this age of global pandemics and quarantines, there are even more reasons to work at home because people need to social distance themselves to stay safe. The internet and places like the SAHM Jobs Center have made it easier than ever to pursue a career through the internet. Here are five industries with work that can be done at home.

Online Learning

The field of online education has flourished with the existence of the internet, various apps and software, wifi and mobile devices.

The field of online learning is large and diverse. There are certified teachers who make a living teaching distance college classes. Online colleges have become a huge market, with professors from universities and community colleges teaching students from all over the world via various educational platforms.

The field of online education is also composed of people who have made tutorials online. Some of these tutorials are free while others are pay-for.

You do not have to be a certified teacher or produce online tutorials. In fact, there are plenty of tutoring jobs. There are websites in which you can register and connect to students. However, you can also go on your own and meet up with private clients through the internet who you have met through your own efforts.


People don’t usually think of the medical field as being an at-home industry. However, many jobs in the medical field can be performed from home or any other remote location. Careers such as virtual nursing, medical coding and medical transcription can be done at home.

There are some people out there who run private practices in their homes in which they take in patients. For example, there are doctors and therapists out there who operate in homes.

Art and Design

The field of art and design is one that largely exists at home. Many people in this field, to begin with, are creative self-starters who look for freelance work. The field of art and design encompasses a broad range of arts that include drawing, painting, fashion design, product design, graphic design, illustration, sculpting, photography, floral design and whatever else.


There are so many different things that people need written. The things that people want written include books, articles, content for the internet and content for print. You can find writing jobs on the internet through sources like Fiverr and Upwork.

Web Design and Programming

If you know how to code, web design and programming are great industries to get into. There is such a huge market for software. You can program apps on your own time, or you can join a team to help program bigger apps and pieces of software.

When it comes to web design, there are pre-made templates that web hosts provide. There are also pieces of software that you can use to design webpages without ever having to think of a line of code. However, it really does help to know the types of coding that are used for web design, and if you know them then you can put the knowledge to use.

In conclusion, if you want to work from home you should look into the medical field, the education field, the field of web design and programming, art and design and writing.