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3 Types of Learning Crucial for Educators

In “Innovate Inside the Box” I share three types of learning that are crucial for educators:

These three ideas are something that I believe schools should be intentional about in their practice, as it is beneficial to learning now and in the future.

The one that I dive into deepest in the podcast is the importance of learning with our students, and I share why this is so important in “Innovate Inside the Box“:

“The classroom as a whole is always way smarter than the teacher as an individual. We need to be able to tap into the wisdom of our students to make us better now and to help them become better learners in the future. When we unleash the genius of the ‘whole’ in our classrooms, there is no limit to what we can learn together.”

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen on Soundcloud, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

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