We have been using Place Value Blocks to model numbers, solve problems and express our thinking. 

We have been using manipulatives and drawings to explain our strategies for decomposing and regrouping.

We wondered how we might express our ideas, create and share stories about number. 

We read the story ‘One Hundred Ants‘ by Elinor J. Pinczes, illustrated by Bonnie Mackain. 

The story begins with a group of hungry ants that decide to march off single file to a picnic. However, along the way, they realise they are moving too slow and begin to divide themselves in different ways to help them get to the picnic site quickly.

As we read the story, we documented our thinking using Base 10 Blocks, pictures, words and numbers.

Next, the students retold the story in their own words, using the images they created to document their thinking.  

Here are a few stories… 

100 Hungry Ants


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