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What is 10?

🐁  Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh is a wonderful picture book that encourages conversations about number and quantity (more and less). This story helps the children explore what happens when we join two sets together; they learn about how quantities change. Through play and dialogue, the children compare amounts and become familiar with thinking about differences between sets. Throughout the story, there are opportunities to count on, count forward and backward.

We can create number stories by modelling joining and separating concrete objects. We can use language to describe changes to a collection as objects are added or taken away.

I wonder how many different ways 10 🐁 mice can be arranged with some in the jar and some in the grass?

  • You can use any ‘loose parts’ or objects as 🐁mice. Gather a group of 10 objects. Place some mice inside the jar. Place some mice outside the jar.
  • Explore as many different ways the 10 🐁 could be arranged.

This inquiry challenge will encourage the children to:

  • use numbers as a naming system
  • count, model and order numbers and quantities
  • develop mathematical language
  • use strategies to problem-solve

-Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

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